What if my credit card expires when I have subscription?

No need to fret. If your credit card information which we have stored in our system fails to authorize a charge, we will keep your subscription active for 7 days past that point of the renewal charge, to allow you ample time to fix the credit card profile information.

If your credit card does expire, you will need to update the credit card info before automatic payments can resume.

It is pretty simple to update, please see the following steps:

  • You should have a subscription on XMODE.
  • Go to My Account > Subscriptions.
  • Open the desired subscription, scroll to "Payment details" and choose the desired option to update/change.

  • When you click on "update", it will ask you to send a mail to your email address where you can go and update the details.

Still facing issue please feel free to ping us on chat by clicking the Chat beacon on the bottom right.