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We love it when customers love X-Mode, so we were stoked to receive kind words of encouragement from a new customer. Check-out the email from A.H. of Wisconsin (identifying details removed): I just wanted to take a brief break from studying (procrastinating) to tell you guys how much I enjoy your product. First of all, I ordered it on Friday and I received it yesterday - that is some fast delivery AND with free shipping! It also came just in time; this week I had three presentations at my internship, a presentation for class, two tests, and a paper due. Xmode is a fast and effective product that works on a conceptual and realistic level, and it has kept my energy levels up during this insanely busy week. Being a college student in his last year as an undergrad, the extreme cost efficiency of this product was one of the major selling points that attracted me as a buyer. Finally, the thing I was most impressed with was the taste. I bought this product with the expectation that I was going to have to cringe while swallowing down the bitter ounce of liquid like literally EVERY other energy shot I have tried (Rip-it, 5-hour energy, etc.). What I found was that it was extremely palatable and I look forward to my daily shot. The only suggestion I have for improvement is a larger variety of flavors. I have and will sing your praises to other friends and consumers of energy drinks. I have already made a thread on and the concept was well received. Keep up the great work, and I hope to see you around for a long time! In follow-up correspondence we found out what A.H. is planning to do with his life. A great message from a great man.
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