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Peach Lightning

Peach Lightning

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This flavour takes XMODE to the next level! 


Serving Size: 1 FL OZ (29.6 ml) Servings per Container: 100, Calories 0, Niacin (as Niacinamide) 5mg (30% DV), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 2.5mg (150% DV), Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 240 mcg (10,000% DV), Proprietary Blend 1100mg** Taurine, Malic Acid, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg), L-Citrulline-DL-Malate 2:1 Other Ingredients: filtered water, natural flavours, sucralose, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness)


About this item

  • Item Form: Liquid , Package Information: Bottle
  • Amazing Peach Taste
  • 150mg Caffeine per Oz for Extra Strength Energy
  • Save over 600% Compared to the Leading Brand
  • XMODE is Premium Bulk - We Are Changing the Game

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 10 in

What’s inside XMODE Shots?

XMODE shots typically contain a combination of ingredients that are designed to provide a quick and convenient boost of energy. 

One key ingredient that found in XMODE energy shots is caffeine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that helps to increase alertness and reduce fatigue. It is known to work by blocking the action of adenosine, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleepiness. By inhibiting adenosine, caffeine keeps you more awake and energized.

In addition to caffeine, it also contain B vitamins. B vitamins play a crucial role in energy metabolism, helping to convert the food we eat into usable energy. Specifically, vitamins like B6 and B12  which are included in XMODE help to support brain function and boost energy levels.

XMODE shots also contain other herbal or botanical ingredient such as Taurine, Niacin & L-Citrulline. Taurine is an amino acid that is believed to have antioxidant properties and may help with muscle function and hydration. Niacin, on the other hand, help to ensure that your skin cells, blood cells and brain cells are healthy. Finally, L-Citrulline help to improve your athletic performance. It may do this by increasing the amount of oxygen in your muscle tissue. It improves the oxygen usage in your muscles, which can then help to improve your endurance.

Apart from these ingredients, XMODE also include additional additives like filtered water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and flavorings to enhance taste and palatability.

In conclusion, XMODE energy shots typically contain a combination of caffeine, B vitamins, and other herbal or botanical ingredients to provide a quick boost of energy. However, it is important to use them responsibly and be aware of their potential effects on the body.

When should I take a XMODE Energy Shot?

XMODE Energy has got you covered with its all-natural, cleverly designed pick-me-up.

* Whether you're looking to power through your intense gym session or need a substitute for your boosting morning start, XMODE Energy is here to save the day.

* Don't worry, we understand the struggle of the 3 PM slump, which is why our energy boost is perfect for those times when you need an extra kick to keep you going.

* Forget about frantic last-minute studying sessions; XMODE Energy is your secret weapon to help you conquer that study cram sesh with ease.

Did someone say night shift?

Well, fear not, because XMODE Energy can provide the fuel you need to survive those long, sleepless nights. And hey, we're not here to judge - whether it's a big night out or a rough morning after too many tequilas, XMODE Energy is ready to be your trusty sidekick.

Are you looking for the solution to your digestive woes after heavy meal?

XMODE is here to provide you with a solution to your digestive woes. Whether you're seeking some tender love and care for your gut or trying to conquer the aftermath of a heavy meal (hello, pizza lovers!), XMODE has got you covered. Kickstart your day with a boost of digestive support in the morning or turn to XMODE when you're experiencing bouts of nausea. Rest assured, our product will make a convincing case for relieving your discomfort and promoting a healthier gut.

Say goodbye to feeling tired and worn out!

A trusted companion to support your body's defence with a blend of powerful ingredients that you can trust. XMODE goes beyond the basics to truly reinvent the way we think about boosting our immunity.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants galoreIt's the ultimate weapon in the fight against so much more from colds and flu to everyday stress. So why not give it a try, take that leap and unlock the power that your body can keep with XMODE, each day is a new beginning.

So, go ahead and grab a pack of XMODE Energy to experience the cleverness of perfect chemical engineering and natural power packed into every sip.

How much caffeine does XMODE Energy contain?

Understanding the caffeine content and its potential health impact is essential for consumers to make informed decisions regarding their energy shot intake.

Excessive caffeine intake can lead to adverse effects such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, and even dependence on caffeine.

XMODE contains 150mg Caffeine per Ounce or 300mg per 2 Ounces.

How many shots can I take? Can I take multiple XMODE Shots per day?

It's your call, but if you listen to that intuition bubbling up inside you, chances are you'll make the right choice. These little game-changers can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine, propelling you forward or solving those pesky problems that have been weighing you down. Whether you opt for a single move each day or go all-in with a power-packed quartet, the choice is yours. Trust your instincts and let them lead the way!

What temperature should you store XMODE Shots in?

Keeping XMODE Shots in the fridge or cupboard is perfectly fine. However, to maintain the quality of the ingredients, it is advisable to avoid storing XMODE in excessively hot environments.

Are XMODE Shots safe if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding?

It's important to note that XMODE Energy contains caffeine, which may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals seeking a bold and adventurous boost.

Are XMODE Shots organic?

All of our XMODE Shots, are Organic.

Directions for Use

Legal Disclaimer Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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