Become a XMODE Advocate

Are you a fan of XMODE? Do you want to share your love for the product and earn some extra cash at the same time? Then become an XMODE advocate today!

Refer your friends to earn up to $1000 per month. As an XMODE advocate, you can refer your friends, family, and colleagues to join the XMODE community. And for every person you refer who signs up for a subscription, you'll receive $15 in your account. 

Joining the XMODE advocacy program is easy. Here's how to get started:

1. Sign up: Visit the XMODE website and look for the "Advocate Program" link. Click on it and sign up using your XMODE account details.

2. Get your unique referral link: Once you're signed up, you can generate a unique referral link from your account section that you can share with your friends. This link will be tracked, so whenever someone signs up using it, you'll be credited with the referral bonus.

3. Spread the word: Share your referral link with your friends, family, and social media followers. Tell them why you love XMODE and how it has improved your fitness and wellness journey.

4. Track your referrals: Check your XMODE advocate dashboard regularly to see how many people have signed up using your referral link. You'll be able to track your earnings and see when the money is credited to your account.

5. Rewards: Please note that the specific details and conditions for earning and redeeming rewards may vary, so it's always a good idea to refer to the terms and conditions provided by XMODE for accurate information on their referral program.

Once you've successfully accumulated enough referrals with XMODE, you will be eligible to receive a reward. The reward options include:

a) $15 off coupon: You can use this coupon to get a $15 discount on future purchases or services from XMODE.

b) $15 cash: XMODE may offer you the option to receive $15 in cash as a reward for your referrals. This could be paid out via a preferred payment method or through a designated cash transfer service.

c) Free gift: Instead of cash or a coupon, you may have the option to choose a free gift as your reward. The specific gift options may vary and could include products or services offered by XMODE.

Notes: Advocates get a coupon for the friend's first purchase if:  The friend's purchase is $30 or more and secondly Coupon expiry: 60 days from issue.

Additionally, XMODE provides you with the flexibility to cash out your earnings. They offer multiple ways to withdraw your funds, ensuring convenience for receiving your payment. The available withdrawal methods may depend on your location, and some options may include electronic transfers, direct bank deposits, or other preferred payment platforms supported by XMODE.

Please check with XMODE customer support for the terms and conditions or the referral program details provided by XMODE for more accurate information on the rewards, withdrawal methods, and eligibility for cashing out your earnings. 

Becoming an XMODE advocate not only helps you earn extra money but also allows you to contribute to the growth of the XMODE community. So why not share the benefits of XMODE with your friends and start earning today? Sign up now and become an XMODE advocate!