General Inquisition

Why is XMODE the best product on the market?

XMODE is the only on-demand and metered energy shot product on the market. By self-regulating your intake, you can optimize your daily caffeine supplementation for maximum performance. XMODE is not about taking high doses; it is about giving you the option and the means to properly regulate your caffeine intake via the metered bottles and dispensing box. Use it properly and we think that you will love the results.

How do I open my XMODE Power Tower?

The directions for opening the XMODE Power Tower and Mini Power Tower boxes are printed on the bottom of the cartons.

How much caffeine is in XMODE?

XMODE is a dietary supplement based primarily on caffeine supplementation. XMODE contains 150mg caffeine per ounce. A single serving of XMODE is equal to one ounce. Please follow the directions closely.

Is it safe to mix XMODE with alcohol?

As per FDA guidance, we do not recommend using XMODE as a mixer in alcoholic beverages. However, XMODE tastes fantastic when mixed into non-alcoholic beverages from sparkling water to lemon-lime colas to lemonades.

How long does delivery take?

Thank you for your order! Our delivery typically takes 5-8 days to arrive at your provided address. To stay updated on the progress of your order, we recommend reaching out to our AI support assistance. It will assist you and provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the status of your delivery. 

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